To choose a GRAND LARGUE boat is choosing both excellent sailing qualities and a completed aesthetic that, thanks to the know-how of naval architect François Vivier, will allow you to achieve an exceptional pleasure of sailing.

The shipyard GRAND LARGE has been created in 1998 near Dinan (Côtes d’Armor in Brittany, France). It is the unique combination of traditional boat spirit and state-of-the-art equipment. The use of a digital cutting machine makes competitive the manufacturing of strong and durable wood boat as well as the preparation of kits, which largely simplify the work of individual assemblers. The range now includes 6 models, available in different configurations/versions: ready to sail or flat-packed, and also for rent.

Welcome to Grand Largue until the 17th and the 22th December 2020. Take a rendez-vous 02 99 88 91 93

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Grand Largue
  Chantier naval    Zone d'Activité de la Ville au Coq   35800 SAINT BRIAC SUR MER 
                                                                 Pierre-Yves de la Rivière  02 99 88 91 93

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